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What to bring

Key Things to Bring to the Harvest Noir Pop-up Picnic

Here are a few key items you should be planning to bring:

  1. A picnic basket or rolling suitcase (black only, please). If you’re arriving by bike, paniers and/or a strap-on basket can work!
  2. Local food in your picnic basket.  We’re encouraging our guests to prepare their picnic feasts with ingredients from farmer’s markets or direct from nearby farms. Your picnic feast will be fresher, more nutritious, and much better for the local economy and the planet. Check out our local food tips for more!
  3. White table cloth. One per table. Most tables are 8ft. If you’re in individual seating, you can bring something smaller and overlap with your neighbors.
  4. White linen napkins. In keeping with the European chic picnic tradition, everyone must have a white napkin to wave about at key moments!
  5. Black umbrellas. If it looks like it’s going to rain, this year we are asking guests NOT to bring colorful umbrellas. Black only, please.
  6. Black Coats, shawls, or sweaters. You’ll be outdoors so PLEASE dress adequately for a cool late September evening. Forecast calls for 15 degrees into the evening.
  7. No white shirts. Gentlemen, no white shirts with your tuxes or coats, please.
  8. Beverages. Water, juice, etc. are permitted but alcohol is not. Our security personnel will be checking to ensure that no alcohol is brought on the property.
  9. Wine glasses. Please pack glasses for the picnic, appropriate to the beverages you’ll be consuming. Consider bringing red and white glasses for yourself!
  10. A Tray? Yep, a tray.  We recommend at least 1 tray per table to carry beverage glasses to and from the serving stations for your group.
  11. ID. We are also required to prevent sale of alcohol to minors, so be prepared to show ID if you’re planning to purchase wine at the picnic or dance.